Why Luxe Seventeen??

Why Luxe Seventeen??

A field in fashion was always my destiny. Growing up, I just knew I would be a fashion designer but as the years passed, I became unsure of that dream! I would still draw clothing sketches or even try to sew some pieces but I knew that world was too competitive and my heart committed to it. As my high school years came and went, I had a complete change of heart: NURSING SCHOOL!!

Having the health of an elderly woman, as I always joked, I felt i could diagnose myself before a Drs visit. So nursing school couldn't be that hard right?? BOY, was I wrong!! Having been an honors student all my life, my first semester of college proved to be a great test. As soon as it was time to schedule for the next semester, I let my mom know that becoming a nurse wasn't happening for me. A career in fashion was still my desire.

Fashion Merchandising was calling my name and I answered. I realized my passion wasn't necessarily meant for design but for the business side of the industry. My second semester of college came and i was going hard for a Merchandising degree + minor in Marketing. Apparel production, merchandising, marketing, a great internship and many other classes developed the love I have for where I am now.

A class I took actually had us develop a business, compare it to other existing businesses and find the best way to market it. I worked hard in creating something that was unique yet on trend with my personality in an e-commerce world. I thought my "baby" was born (I won't give up the name, maybe I'll use it one day lol) but she took a backseat while I went into the real world in hopes to find my dream job.

I worked for many great companies and people that gave me hands on knowledge on running a business and what makes it work. I learned a lot but I also learned that not all companies/people are made with you in mind. At this point I knew that I wanted to be my own boss but without those experiences and education, Luxe Seventeen would have never stood a chance.

Luxe: high quality, luxurious | Seventeen: date of birth/ lucky number

I wanted something that had meaning to me while also being catchy and understood by the masses. I was ready for Luxe Seventeen at such an unexpected time but I knew it was now or never. No extra funds, loans or grants, just ready to finally rip the band-aid off. During one of the oddest times (mid-pandemic 2020), Luxe Seventeen made it grand debut.

Im grateful for what it is now and what's to come! Luxe Seventeen is for everyone and I hope you all love what it has to offer.

Much love + Keep #livinluxe !


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Beautiful story ❤️ You were made for this, and I can’t wait to see you flourish in the fashion world!
Proud of you kid 💃🏽😊🥰
Love you 😘

NIchole Lough

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