Summer Trends 2020

Summer Trends 2020

The color of the year is none other than, CLASSIC BLUE! The shade has been described as "a familiar, calming shade of azure". When we look at 2020, calm seems as if it doesn't fit into the vocabulary but that's what makes this color even more relevant. As we flow into the summer season, we are looking for calm and reassurance in the crazy times we have been going through. Classic blue is recognizable, reliable and gives us a sense of peace when we need it most. We cant forget the vibrancy it gives especially accompanied by hot the rest of our hot summer 2020 colors.

Flame Scarlet, Saffron, Biscay Green, Coral Pink and more are amongst the summer palette that we are all loving and quickly adding to our wardrobe. The moment you add these colors to your summer collection, you get an instant mix of fierce flavor and serenity that creates the perfect fashion combo.

Now that you have your color choices together, how are you gonna style it?

  • Two Piece Sets/Suit Sets- Sets are on top of the summer trend right now, an easy way to mix and match colors, prints and fabrics for a look all your own. Add a cute jacket or blazer and you're ready to go.
  • Modern Minimalist- Grab all your basic tees, bottoms, dresses, etc cause it's their time to shine. While there's tons of bright and vibrant colors to choose from, you can keep it monochromatic and still be fashionable this Summer. To keep on trend with the minimal look, try sticking to black or whites while playing with textures and proportions.
  • Bermuda length- Whether you're going for a hot biker short set, or keeping it classic with the traditional black biker shorts.. Just know that the bermuda length is definitely in this season. Try pairing a fitted dress shirt with bermuda length linen shorts for a work appropriate summer outfit. Want quarantine casual? Grab your biker shorts and pair them with an over-sized graphic tee and you're ready for the day.
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