Autumn/Winter Trends 2020/2021

Many hate to say it but the time is here... Fall is around the corner! Now I know there's plenty of you who are cheering so this one is for you! We'll be diving into the hot choices from colors to style trends for your upcoming cooler seasons.

Let's kick it of with some of my fav color trends that we'll be seeing a lot of:

Reds and oranges are going to be taking over just as they should for the perfect transitional color scheme. We wont be forgetting about any classics from nudes to black and of course many other pops of color that will complete your wardrobe.

Mandarin Red is the brightest and fiercest of the reds giving us a provocative look to die for! Samba + Fired Brick follow, being darker yet mature + sexy. Burnt Henna gets us ready for the orange transition while being warm + earthy, perfect for outerwear.

Color Intelligence - Fashion Colour Trend Report London Autumn ... PANTONE 19-1662 TCX Samba - Find a Pantone Color | Quick Online ... PANTONE 19-1337 TCX Fired Brick - Find a Pantone Color | Quick ...  PANTONE Smart 19-1540X Color Swatch Card, Burnt Henna - House ...

Jumping into orange, we have two perfect shades: Exuberance + Amberglow. Exuberance is your trusted happy orange (in your face but not, you feel me?). Amberglow is a bit lighter, giving us some yellow undertones, your safe bet for Fall. As much as I love these, we cant forget about the other top picks that you wont be ale to live with out this Autumn/Winter!

Color Intelligence - Fashion Colour Trend Report London Autumn ...   PANTONE 16-1350 TCX Amberglow - Find a Pantone Color | Quick ...

Kicking it off with the blues.. You guys already know Classic Blue was deemed color of the year so you couldn't possibly think it was going to disappear, right? So many perfect shades from strong blue (bright + playful) to dress blues (neutral + powerful), I can guarantee you'll have some in your closet. We can't stop there so we won't! Nudes, soft pinks, purples and greens will also be a staple. Check out Military Olive (dark + strong), Sandstone (gentle + comforting) or even Almond Oil (off-white + natural) to get that perfect seasonal mix for your wardrobe.

PANTONE 19-4052 TCX Classic Blue - Find a Pantone Color | Quick ...Pantone Smart 18-4051 TCX Color Swatch Card | Strong Blue ...     Pantone Smart 19-4024 TCX Color Swatch Card | Dress Blues ...

PANTONE 19-0622 TCX Military Olive - Find a Pantone Color | Quick ...PANTONE 16-1328 TCX Sandstone - Find a Pantone Color | Quick ...Fashion Color Trend Report New York Spring/Summer 2020 | Pantone

While there are  many more to name, I made sure to shout out my top picks oh and can't forget BLACK! Of course its a staple all year long but it's even better in the cooler seasons! So now that you've taken your color notes, lets dig into to a couple of go to style trends!

Forever Fringe- I feel we see this style every fall/winter season but can you be mad? I LOVE IT! This season we will see a lot of attention to fringe whether it's head to toe or a subtle hem-line. Grab that fringe jacket, your fav jeans and a cute top for a classic fringe look. Wanna make it fun? Get a fringe dress or even skirt and I promise you'll be twirling nonstop.
Everyday Lingerie- Sheer has been a trend for some time now but we're looking at the racy lingerie that you're pairing with or underneath it. Whether it be a sports bra or that hot lacy bra you have, we wanna see it outside of your home. Embrace your true you and inner sexy because lingerie is your new essential mixing piece.
Captain Cape - You'll be needing some layers sooner than later (at least most of us lol) and capes are here to fill that void! Perfect for all shapes and sizes, want a 'snatched' look? Throw on a belt and your fav over the knee boots and get ready for the day! Whether you throw it on simply to be worn as a coat or paired with the perfect knee-length dress for a complete look, you neeed a cape!
Daring Drawstring- Drawstrings bring a fun + gathered look to any item of clothing! Be on the lookout for our "Take Flight" joggers among other items that will have these details. Pair them with a fitted bodysuit or tee or keep it loose and comfy, whatever style screams Y O U !
Cant wait to see all my Luxe Mamis rocking their Fall + Winter Trends! Make sure you tag our page and use hashtags #luxeseventeen #livinluxe #luxemami , we would love to feature you!
Keep Livin Luxe !
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